Why do you opt for Devoted Creations?

1. Hydration is the key

Devoted Creations optimally moisturizes your skin with products based on aloe vera. This generates a maximum effect for your tanning session.


2. Kick-start your tan

With a tanning accelerator from Devoted Creations, tanning starts after only 3-4 minutes instead of 8 minutes.


3. The secret ingredients

Do you want to develop a tan even faster? When using luxurious tanning accelerators with nouritan and meladark, your tanning starts after only 1.5 minutes.


4. Faster, deeper, darker

With Devoted Creations products, you tan faster and deeper, while you can keep your tan for up to 7 days.


5. Take care of your skin

The high-quality ingredients and complexes of Devoted Creations provide maximum skin care, which means your tan comes out even better.