We are happy to explain the difference between tanning accelerators and bronzers.


Tanning accelerators

All Devoted Creations products that are used during a tanning session contain tanning accelerators that stimulate pigment production. These tanning accelerators ensure that the tanning process starts after 3 to 4 minutes. When we use a sunbed without a tanning accelerator, the tanning process starts after 8 minutes,



Bronzers work superficially on the epidermis and create a darker tanning result that will last longer.

There are 3 different types of bronzers: DHA, natural bronzers and cosmetic bronzers.


DHA bronzer

  • DHA is the strongest bronzer that extends the color by 2 to 7 days
  • DHA is transparent in color. So there are also white products that do, in fact, contain bronzers.
  • Always apply a DHA product evenly and clean your hands afterwards with a wet tissue. This prevents stains and discoloration of your palms. This also applies to any white products that contain DHA!
  • Wait 4 to 8 hours before taking a shower, giving the DHA bronzer the time to attach itself, thus ensuring that your skin can achieve the best possible brown color.
  • If you use a product that does not contain any DHA, you can take a shower straight away. We do not recommend this, because it would be a shame to immediately rinse off all the beautiful ingredients of a product. All of these ingredients continue to work on the skin.
  • All products that contain a DHA bronzer also contain a natural bronzer so that a beautiful, naturally brown color will be achieved.
  • The stronger the DHA bronzer (0-200), the better the color is retained.
  • The better you take care of your skin, the longer you will enjoy the tanning of DHA (apply a moisturizer every day, for instance).


Natural bronzer

  • A natural bronzer comes from natural ingredients such as coconut, nuts, berries, etc.
  • This is a slow bronzer that extends the color by 1 to 3 days.
  • A natural bronzer can never cause streaks or stains, even when applied carelessly.
  • Everyone can use natural bronzers.


Cosmetic bronzer

The cosmetic bronzer gives the tanning accelerator its brown color. The more cosmetic bronzers, the browner the tanning accelerator will be. This bronzer has no effect on the ultimate tanning result. It is like a foundation which always rinses off under the shower.


Why is this bronzer still added to creams?

1. You have an instantly beautiful brown tan which you would only have had once the DHA bronzer had attached itself, creating the beautiful brown color. A good start to what’s coming.

2. Thanks to the cosmetic bronzer, the tanning accelerator can be clearly seen on the skin, thereby ensuring that you will apply and spread the product well. This way, streaks and/or stains can never occur.

If you actually wait 4 to 8 hours before taking a shower, it is fine when the cosmetic bronzer is rinsed off. Sufficient time has passed for the DHA bronzer to have attached itself to the proteins of the epidermis and the deep brown color will have been achieved. You really do not need the cosmetic bronzer anymore.

Sweating can cause a cosmetic bronzer to stain your clothing but this always comes out in the washing machine.