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Devoted Creations is het topmerk op gebied van zonnecosmetica.
Zonnecosmetica, tanning, zonneproducten
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Black Obsession

Let’s get tanned! Black Obsession is the strongest product in the field of bronzers and anti-aging in the entire Devoted Creations collection. With 220-time DHA bronzer, natural and cosmetic bronzers, the latest anti-aging and hydrating ingredients, this top product is an absolute must-try!

Let’s Flamingle

A hydrating tanning accelerator that combats redness, masks dark pigment spots and that sooths any acne you may have? Let’s Flamingle has it all and more! The 50-time DHA bronzer, natural and cosmetic bronzers create a deep tan, while ‘Blue Tansy’ ensures any hints of orange are guaranteed to stay away.

So Naughty Nude Aqua Rush

Need a bit of cooling down after tanning and want to take care of your skin at the same time with high-quality ingredients? So Naughty Nude Aqua Rush is the answer! You can use this moisturizer gel and after sun every day. And even better, it also ensures your beautiful tan stays visible for longer!