Devoted Creations | 2019 turtle reef
Devoted Creations is het topmerk op gebied van zonnecosmetica.
Zonnecosmetica, tanning, zonneproducten
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Proper protection against sunburn is extremely important when you want to enjoy the outside sun responsibly. Devoted Creations has developed the Turtle Reef line specially for this purpose. This is our own line of suntan lotion. Suntan lotions contain SPFs, or sun protection factors. These factors consist of UV filters that ensure less UV light reaches the skin, thereby reducing the risk of sunburn.


Turtle reef SPF 15
Turtle reef SPF 30



– Turtle Reef SPF is waterproof. This means you are protected when in the water. When you come out of the water, it is important you re-apply the suntan lotion to enjoy the outside sun responsibly.


– There are no SPFs that provide 100% protection against UV light.


– Do you use Turtle Reef SPF 15? Then you should reapply the lotion after 60 minutes of exposure to the sun. Do you use Turtle Reef SPF 30? Then you should reapply the lotion after 90 minutes of exposure to the sun.


– Turtle Reef SPF protects against both UV-b and UV-a light. That means you are protected against burns, as well as against sun allergies and pigmentation disorders.



Spfs are not suitable for use on the sunbed. However, the Devoted Creations tanning accelerators are suitable for use in the outdoor sun. Apply a tanning accelerator first and use the Turtle Reef spf on top of it. This way, you are well-protected against sunburn, whilst benefiting from all the high-quality ingredients that promote the tanning process and look after your skin. Do not use products with a high content of DHA bronzer and/or cosmetic bronzer in the outside sun. A high DHA bronzer can cause irregular tanning due to swimming or excessive sweating. A cosmetic bronzer can stain your swimwear or towel.