This hypoallergenic 4-fold melanin booster achieves extremely fast tanning without the use of bronzers.


Beginning to advanced sunbathers.


With Berry Rush fragrance.


Black Cumin extract

Absorbs oil from the skin and, therefore, reduces the clogging of pores. Moisturizes and reduces the risk of dark pigmentation spots.

Caffeine extract

Strengthens the skin and gives it an energy boost.

Cotton extract

Soothes and softens the skin.

Gluten- free

Free from cereal proteins (wheat).

Green tea extract

Anti-oxidant that protects the skin against harmful external influences. Gives the skin a fresh appearance.


There is little to no chance of any allergic reaction, because the ingredients in the product have been carefully selected. Warning! An allergic reaction cannot be ruled out completely.


Promotes natural pigmentation for a darker tanning result that keeps longer.

Paraben free

Does not contain any preservatives.

Quad tyrosine blend

4-fold melanin for an extreme boost of the tanning process.

Rice extract

Soothes and softens the skin.

White pine bark

Contains proteins that improve the natural barrier of the skin and provide extra hydration for the skin.